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Mr. George Wayne has met a few people in his life and has made a friend or two along the way. Read what he and his friends have to say about Anguilla and what makes it stand out in their memories as a destination worth coming back to. 




Anguilla has many great assets going for it but none more than it's amazing people. Today we introduce you to one of the most special native Anguillans.  Kim Blaize-Reid is today the Restaurant Manager at the CuisinArt pool side cafe and has been integral part of the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa for sixteen years.  GW just had to get to know her  a little better, and so one day over lunch by the fabulous pool we had a brief, fulfilling tete-a-tete.

GEORGE WAYNE-What is it about the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa that makes it so special.

KIM BLAIZE-REID- This hotel is unique in some many ways.  Even though it is a Caribbean resort with the usual sun and sand, what makes us special is the genuine warmth of our people.

GW-And you epitomize that Kim.  I have grown to know over the past few days here and you are just an amazing person.  And I truly and sincerely mean that.

KBR- Thank you! [Laughs].  Thank you so much.

GW- For a first time visitor to Anguilla, what would you suggest they do immediately once they arrive here?

KBR- Eat, eat, eat.  We take great pride in the culinary aspect of Anguilla.  The island has a very high level of culinary offerings and for such a tiny island we also have a great variety of local restaurants.  The hotels are not the only place to get a great meal.  Here at the CuisinArt resort what I love the most is the diverse culinary offerings we have.  e go from Mediterranean to Japanese to local and all delicious.  One of the first things any guest here should try is the Tokyo Bay kamikaze, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, unagi sauce roll. Personally, it is my all-time favorite.  [Laughs].

GW-  Tell me a bit about your role here at CuisinArt?

KBR- I am in Food & Beverage basically, and I manage the restaurant/cafe here by the pool.  I am here for breakfast and lunch.  We are not open for dinner hours because we want our guests to explore our many other options.

GW- Were you born in Anguilla?

KBR- I was born in Guyana but I now consider myself Anguillan because I have lived here for 25 years.  I now live on the Northside Anguilla and I love it.

GW- Thank you Kim Blaize-Reid!  See you for lunch at the pool of the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa on my return in the Winter of 2017.

KBR- I look forward to seeing you again GW.


       Omari Banks ascended from the cobalt blue private pool of a luxury villa at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa one flawless Spring Anguilla afternoon. And giving every reason to believe, that he was indeed, God's gift to all who lust the flesh of an earth-sourced man-God.  His couture dread locks shimmered and glistened as the late afternoon Caribbean sun glistened the beads of water dripping from his silky hair.

     He sauntered for his bathrobe in a hammock across the way, as his chic Vilebrequin swimsuit, a color of aubergine, clung effortlessly to his taut chocolate legs of seeming oak. Yes, even with the spectacular surroundings of fresh cut grass and a landscaped private pool bursting with color of assorted flora and fauna-- Omari Banks effortlessly managed to upstage everyone and everything.

    And that was precisely what he had done the night before in fact, when he stole the show at Anguilla's legendary Moonsplash Music Festival last April on gorgeous Rendevous Bay.  Competing, and upstaging yet again, the first full moon of the last Easter season on a captivating night of music which he capped with a sensational rendition of 'Purple Rain'.  It was the perfect homage to end the annual reggae festival and pay respects to Prince who had suddenly departed this earth a mere three days previous.

     ''Man, last night was one of the greatest moments of my life.  I really felt the crowd, felt their energy,'' he said settling into a rattan chair swathed in his lush, terry cloth robe and living the superstar life indeed.  The Moonsplash Festival brings together internationally-acclaimed up and coming recording artistes--a music-filled beach party that rocks Anguilla for three nights every April.  It was, in fact, created by the island's out-sized personality and the man known all over the globe as ''the Anguillan version of Keith Richards''-- Bankie Banxx, who just happens to be the father of Omari Banks.  And the family genes have certainly travelled well.



      Unlike his father who has no problem being the elephant in the room, Omari Banks takes on a more zen, low-key, a cool, but totally un-affected cool, approach.  He is humble and soft-spoken, and as if we need to reiterate one more time--one sexy dude. He has a devoted fan base which grew four-fold after the release of his debut album ''Move On'' in 2013.  He has performed all over Anguilla, the Caribbean and Europe and Germany where he has already had one top ten hit with the band Morgan Heritage.



After rocking Moonsplash the nights before, he was taking this calming break poolside the CuisinArt property before heading to Jamaica a few days later to start working on his second album.  ''I feel blessed,'' he says before an impromptu strum of his ever present guitar  And that, indeed, is an under-statement.

Follow Omari Banks on his vast social media platform.

Instagram - @omaribanks11

Facebook- OmariBanksMusic

Twitter- Omaribanks11


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Available on iTunes - Omari Banks


Yes, as we all know, we live in the age of the Insta-ready-moment.  Our lives revolve around Snapchat and Instagram, especially while on vacation.  So we have decided to grant you our favorite Instagram Ready Anguilla moments...

#1- Insta-Ready-Anguilla.....The Churches....The island of Anguilla has more of the most, adorable, exquisite churches than anyCaribbean island I have ever been on.  The island has a very strong religious component dating back since the early 1800's when a free colored former slave by the name of John Hodge introduced the first Methodist Church to the island.  The quaint, ancient churches painted in vibrant colors and other truly unique and original touches are found throughout the island and offer that first perfect Instagram-ready Anguilla posting. You may want to start with the historic Ebenezer Methodist Church in the Valley

#2- Insta-Ready-Anguilla...Swimming With The Dolphins...Dolphin Discovery offers that one-of-a-kind Anguilla moment by offering the amazing opportunity of swimming with friendly dolphins close to the local ferry terminal in Blowing Point, Anguilla. For reservations call +1 [264] 497-7946 or

#3-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...The Malliouhana Caribbean Beach Barbecue...We have spoken before of the iconic Malliouhana Resort located on Meads Bay in Anguilla.  And we can't think of a more fabulous Instagram moment on your Anguilla vacation by imbibing its weekly Caribbean Beach Barbecue led by it's famous chef Cupertino Ortiz.  Once a week Chef Ortiz takes the party to the beach where the food is cooked in an open fire grill fueled by local breadfruit wood. Some of the dishes served include grouper wrapped in banana leaves, jerk-seasoned lobster, crayfish kebabs, and spicy tamarind conch.  Talk about an Insta-ready-foodie-heaven!!  For information - 1-888-976-3436

#4-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...Crocus Bay Beach is one of the many, secluded and glorious beaches on the island.  Head to Little Bay and reach the curvaceous cove of Crocus Bay which is only accessible via rope ladder or boat.  Now this is for the truly curious adventurer who wants that one-of-a-kind sea, sex and sun Insta-ready moment!  Shhhhh.

#5-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...The Villa Kishti Collection...The Kishti Villas bring a new standard of luxury and service to the Caribbean with their new collection of three stunning villas on Anguilla.  The Back Garden Villa, all sleek and minimalist modern sophistication, offers supreme seclusion and endless ocean views. And a plethora of one-of-a-kind Instagram ready moment to inspire you for a week! T- 264-497-6049 and

#6-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...The Sandbar...What could be better and more Instagram-ready moment than a lobster lunch on a Robinson Crusoe-type island?  Well, that is exactly what a quick boat ride to the sandy atoll known as Sandy Island has waiting for you.  Sandy Island offers a daily shuttle service every hour and there is not a more original, one-of-a-kind experience in Anguilla than that perfect early afternoon lolling and dining at the Prickly Pear Bar and Grill on Sandy Island.  And re-enact your very own Robinson Crusoe Insta-ready moment!

#7-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...The Four Seasons Private Residences...What could be a cooler and a more self-assured way of showing how much in the know you are of all that is new and sleek in Anguilla--than a fabulous Instagram ready moment at the new private villas of the brand new Four Seasons.  How about preening and posing by the pool in that sweet, fluffy Four Seasons terry cloth bath robe while sipping on a colorful rum punch?  To find out more and plan a discovery weekend at the Four Seasons Private Residences Anguilla call 1-800-901-7079

#8-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...Local Art Gallery Snooping...After an early day at the beach, we highly recommend an afternoon spent driving the tiny island and stopping and discovering its many, many divine art galleries stocked with local primitive art.  Start the trek say after lunch at Sandy Ground and the delightful Pineapple Art Gallery which specializes in Caribbean and especially Haitian art and antiques [264-497-3609].  Anguilla Arts & Crafts Gallery [264-476-4825] in George Hill is also another suggested gallery prowl to show off your cool, creative eye and Insta-ready moment. The Uhuru Art Gallery, maybe on the way to Cap Juluca, makes for a fabulous pit stop.  The Uhuru Art Gallery [264-772-4100] has the most wonderful collection of authentic Afro-Caribbean art on the West End of Anguilla.  And, yes, another camera ready Instagram-ready moment.

We know...this is Twitter.

We know...this is Twitter.

#9-Insta-Ready-Anguilla..Dinner at Tokyo Bay...Talk about another must-do Instagram ready foodie moment. GW will highly recommend an Instagram-ready spree at the glorious Tokyo Bay for some of the best sushi on the planet.  Visitors are passionate about food in Anguilla and Instagram-ready glory is made at Tokyo Bay where Chef Joe Richardson will be the first to tell you.

''I am adapting modern techniques to Japanese cuisine and love melding such diverse touches from Osetra caviar to foie gras to my Japanese-fused dishes here at Tokyo Bay.''

''I am a Cordon-Bleu trained chef,'' he continues and so I bring a deft palate to my table, and of course too, we like to include as much as the very freshest vegetables and herbs that we grow here in our own hydroponic garden.''  

What about some of your classic Insta-ready menu items chef?  May we suggest the Jalapeno Cured Hamachi, cilantro ponzu?  Oh yes, we will!  Other Insta-ready delights at Tokyo Bay include-- the Habanero salmon, soy paper, spicy mango, chili lime sauce roll, the Pink tiger shrimp tempura, avocado roll and so on and on and on.  Tokyo Bay is a must for any Insta-foodie-addict.

#10-Insta-Ready-Anguilla...The Pool at Zemi Beach...I rave and will continue to rave about all things Zemi Beach which is unquestionably my favorite Anguilla escape.  This truly is post-millennial paradise found anywhere in the world and so many tailor-made Instagram ready moments are to be found at the Shoal Bay resort here called Zemi Beach!  Start by the pool, replete with glass walled sides looking out to the white sand beach of this exquisite property...and take the exploration from there.  Zemi Beach Resort & Spa - 264-729-1879 and

*And make sure to follow George Wayne on Instagram @georgewayneqa.  


As the Vice-President and General Manager of the iconic CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa on Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla--Stephane Zaharia is as good as any--as the ultimate island insider.  So as the Winter 2017 season kicks into gear we thought to probe and parry for his definitive reasons why a visit to this British Caribbean island is a must for 2017...

Stephane Zaharia

Stephane Zaharia

REASON #8-- The fantastic weather we have throughout the year here in Anguilla a weather pattern that is un-paralleled even here in the Caribbean. We have little or no humidity here in Anguilla with a temperature ranging, on average, in the mid-80'sF.  

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

REASON #7-- And then of course, the beaches! And my favorite beach here in Anguilla is Rendezvous Bay which fronts the Caribbean Sea and is the calmest, mot languid and perfect beach I think.  Why?  Because the water along the beaches that face the Caribbean Sea are aways 2-3 degrees warmer than the beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean.  So, for me, personally the beaches of Anguilla that front the Caribbean Sea are the very best ones.  Many major magazines too have agreed with me that the beach of Rendezvous Bay is the very best in the Caribbean.  And it is huge...when you walk the three-mile span of Rendezvous Bay you will come to realize that this is indeed a slice of heaven on earth.  The sand here is so fine, and so pristine that you do not even have to go into the water to experience true bliss.

CuisinArt Golf and Resort

CuisinArt Golf and Resort

REASON #6-- The cuisine! And especially at CuisinArt!  Absolutely we take  food here in Anguilla very seriously.  We are blessed with the fact that our visitors are truly discerning clientele with an equally discerning palate.  Foodie heaven is what we like to call it.  Our visitors  know good food and they come here to Anguilla always knowing there will be a plethora of great places to eat.  For an island with such a small population, we have over a hundred top-flight restaurants and of course we have five of the best restaurants in all of Anguilla.  And we love to incorporate the vegetables and herbs from our world-class hydroponic garden here at CuisinArt.

The Sunshine Shack

The Sunshine Shack

REASON #5-- The hospitality here and the people here in Anguilla are not matched anywhere else in the world.  The most amazing locals and foreigners who have moved here and have decided to make Anguilla their home have done so for a reason..  The people are phenomenal here.  We are a proud people!  Anguillans are incredibly kind and welcoming, a genuine love and respect for each other and the folk who visit us. I have been living here in Anguilla since 2005 and I now consider myself an Anguillan--these are very special people.  I am in love with this island and I am in love with the people of Anguilla.   People visit Anguilla for that once-in-a-lifetime experience.  They come with their families to be welcomed and know that they are amongst some of the most special people on this planet.  I know that for fact, because I have experienced that as a fact now for twelve incredible years as a resident here.  A lot of famous people come to Anguilla.  But we are not impressed by celebrity.  We acknowledge and believe in all humankind who make the effort to visit us because they too have heard how special and genuine the people of Anguilla are.  We are a very low-key and elegant people.



REASON #4-- If you visit Anguilla you have to visit Tasty's which is a locally-owned restaurant here and one of my absolute favorites.  No visit to Anguilla is complete without a visit to Tasty's. It is owned and managed by a fantastic local couple.  It is located between the Valley and the West End.  Ask anyone to tell you where Tasty's is located and they will know.  The best local chef here Tarty, who was born and raised in Anguilla and managed to travel the world to perfect his culinary craft and to come back home and regale the our visitors and locals with his craft.  So yes--a visit to Tasty's is a must.

Fishermen in Anguilla ready the nets!

Fishermen in Anguilla ready the nets!

REASON #3-- I always respect the local fishermen here in Anguilla.  And for that one-of-a-kind special moment for any visitor, I would suggest seeking out and getting to know, for a day or an hour, the local fishermen here in Anguilla.   They are fantastic.  Fishing in Anguilla has a rich and cultured history.  It is part of the local lore and respect and appreciation we have for that aspect of true and original Anguilla identity.  Our food chain would not exist without the local fishermen who are up art the break of dawn out there in the ocean reeling in the harvest for all our restaurants and markets and kitchens.  From the fresh tuna to crayfish to mahi-mahi...the Anguilla fisherman is very much integral to the life and identity of Anguilla. 

The perfect course

The perfect course

REASON #2--  The golf course here at CuisinArt is very, very special!  We have the only golf course in Anguilla which is a very respected and loved part of the greatest golf courses in the world.  Greg Norman designed our golf course and it is, without question, one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean.  This is an 18-hole golf course and it is known as one of the very best not only in the West Indies but the world.  Greg Norman, the world famous golfer who designed the course is also a regular visitor.  He has told me that the golf course here at CuisinArt remains one of the best and favorite that he has ever designed.

The Reef, CuisinArt's latest and greatest resort in Anguilla.

The Reef, CuisinArt's latest and greatest resort in Anguilla.

REASON #1--The Reef Project!  And that is our brand new addition to the vast property here   We have an entire, brand new complex with eighty sparkling new rooms with a very modern and eclectic Caribbean vibe.  The great thing about this new addition is the fact that you can check in to the iconic CuisinArt for a few days and a golf cart drive away on our vast property is a brand new addition to the brand we are calling The Reef.

Same hotel and two wonderfully different experiences at your disposal. We are all very excited for The Reef. All rooms are beach-front with expansive ocean views and of course immediate access to our one-of-a-kind golf course.  We are developing a vast real estate project by The Reef and all that comes on stream this 2017.  Not to mention, two brand-new contemporary restaurants which will bring our grand total here at CuisinArt to seven. Very exciting news for the CuisinArt family here on Rendezvous Bay.  It will be a  very unique and different addition to the CuisinArt experience!

CusinArt Resort  & Spa

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla



Main Entrance

Main Entrance

Of all the gorgeous, breath-taking one-of-a-kind properties of Anguilla --none is more beguiling, enchanting and Instagram-ready than the legendary Malliouhana Hotel & Spa.

Perched high on a panoramic bluff overlooking the white sand beaches of Meads Bay and Turtle Cove on Anguilla, Malliouhana is set on twenty acres of prime beachfront land and has been the glamour refuge and beacon of Caribbean hospitality of the very highest standards for almost thirty years. Simply put - The Malliouhana will go down in Anguilla history and heritage as THE hotel to be the very first to bring uber-luxury tourism to this unique and beautiful destination British West Indian island.

Looking outward from inside the main entrance.

Looking outward from inside the main entrance.

The Malliouhana first opened its doors in 1984 and the visionary who will always be known as the Tourism father of Anguilla was its original owner Leo Roydon. Since 2013 Malliouhana has been the diamond in the crown of the Auberge Resorts who are leading developers and operators of award-winning luxury hotels and private clubs across the globe.  ''Malliouhana's timeless grace and character are unparalleled,''  says Mark Harmon, Chief Executive Officer of Auberge Resorts, ''and ew believe that the addition of Auberge's signature style of service, cuisine and spa experience will be hugely attractive to Caribbean-bound luxury travelers.''

Lobby area

Lobby area

So as the ever graceful doyenne of Anguillan hospitality spruces up its 55 rooms even more for the dawn of the highly anticipated  Winter 2017 tourist season in Anguilla, it is more than fair for GW to now exclaim that the Malliouhana is definitely back and in fact has never been better.  The legendary property is set on 20 acres of prime glorious Anguilla flora and fauna and even its own private beaches.  Accommodations range from the fabulously re-done and well appointed 55 guest suites Being built on these vast twenty acres, the 50 rooms measuring some 720 square feet, still very huge by any standards.  And its eye-popping and marvelous interiors designed by the iconic interior designer Laurence Peabody still draw gasps of awe and wonder from the very first minute guests arrive and swan down the most amazing open-air stair-case to the hotel concierge.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

If you want the most impressive and gasp inducing moment of awe from the minute you arrive, then a stay at the iconic Malliouhana, Anguilla,  is a definite must on any bucket list.

A five-star culinary experience has always been of prime importance to the Malliouhana experience.  The original and very first chef of the hotel was another legend by the name of Phillipe Rostang from a famous Michelin star family from France.  In fact, the Malliouhana was well known for sending four to eight members of its local kitchen staff to train in France every summer which fully explains why The Restaurant at Malliouhana is revered for the many top flight sommeliers and kitchen staff it has groomed and developed for decades and counting.

Today the fine five-star culinary tradition of The Malliouhana Restaurant is in the very capable hands of Chef Cupertino Ortiz who has now taken up residence in Anguilla after a stellar career at the Rosewood Baha Mar in the Bahamas and the Viceroy Sugar Beach of St. Lucia. The days of glossy, highly reputable travel magazines declaring The Restaurant at Malliouhana as the the very best Hotels for Food in The Caribbean and Americas are now definitely back on track .  Chef Cupertino is now fully settled  in there and now entering his third season at the helm of this most hallowed and revered kitchens of any West Indian resort.  Suffice it to say that this coming season as this most famous Anguilla hotel celebrates its 32nd anniversary this November, that Chef Cupertino Ortiz will be wowing asture foodie palates all season long.

The Restaurant at Malliouhana owns perhaps the most breathtaking setting on the island of Anguilla.  This is all about cliff-side dining at its most glamorous and most romantic.  After all the gastronomic institution is perched some 80 feet above Meads Bay on the western part of this beautiful island of Anguilla. Under the influence of the five-star Executive Chef Cupertino Ortiz The Restaurant at Malliouhana has truly embraced the post-millennial artisanal restaurant concept of food to table like no other established food place on the island. ''Malliouhana can do great things.  Anguillans talk highly about this place and how great it used to be,'' the Executive Chef is quoted as telling Design Anguilla Magazine.  And it has become readily apparent in the brief tenure at the Malliouhana that he intends to drive this food trend to even more superior levels.

Panoramic views are everywhere

Panoramic views are everywhere

The Restaurant at Malliouhana offers a variety of fresh, sea to table, and farm to table dishes inspired by the Mediterranean.  Its menu incorporates only the freshest and most diverse ingredients and features special seasonal dishes throughout the year.  As such stellar staples on the menu here  include not only fine imports such ss Osetra caviar, but also grilled sardines and stoned crab claws.  The Moroccan spiced shrimp ''cigars'' have been an immediate hit since Chef Cupertino first added it to his menu a season ago. Rest assured it will still be there when you take time to make a reservation this coming Winter 2017.  Much raved about entrees here include the Grilled Rock Lobster or the Braised Short Rib Papardelle.    There are also a range of equally delectable Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options.

''It is amazing how on such a small island, there is such a big culture of growing a wide variety of organic greens, vegetables, fruits and herbs,'' the five-star chef also raved.  He gets all his local produce from farmers in the area and says that is his first requisite toward creating his top class quality menu.

Not one but two infinity pools.  One waterfalls into the one below!

Not one but two infinity pools.  One waterfalls into the one below!

The Restaurant at Malliouhana is legacy Alfresco Caribbean dining at its best.  The Sunset Bar of the hotel is the first stop for drinks before sitting to indulge in what will be without question one of the most memorable dining experiences of any resort anywhere on the planet.  The restaurant re-opens October 28, 2016 for the Winter 2017 Season and a reservation is a must.

The Restaurant at Malliouhana



One of the great charms for the truly astute international traveller is the simple fact that Anguilla is not an over-run and over-commercialized or over-wrought tourist destination.

For many truly cosmopolitan and seasoned travelers the simple fact that Anguilla is not the easiest place to get to only adds to their intrigue and keen desire to visit this truly special and romantic British Caribbean destination.

The tried and true and still the very best way to arrange a visit to Anguilla is to fly commercial via Jet Blue or Delta or American into the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten and from that island capital then take a ferry to the ''Anguilla dock'' a five minute ride from the airport via a reputable ferry service such as Calypso Charters or the Sea Pro Charters.  The local ferry services run all day from 8:15 am to 7:00pm from the official Anguilla Ferry Port in Marigot, St. Maarten. And the ferry ride by sea is usually forty minutes on sometimes choppy waters.  

If being sea-sick is not your idea of arriving in style to this idyllic island then flying private on your own Gulfstream V jet or taking full advantage of Anguilla Air Services is without question the best option. I have taken the ferry to Anguilla and I have flown out of Anguilla and, whether you wish to call GW the entitled ''Prince Diva'' --  is a fact but clearly besides the point.  Personally, I would much rather fly into Anguilla than arrive there by ferry.

And there are a range of air options at your service to my favorite Caribbean utopia. 

Anguilla Air Service ( offers daily flights from St. Maarten to Anguilla in a mere ten minutes.  The AAS likes to say ''on arrival in St. Maarten you will be met by our agents at the Transfer Information Desk at the Princess Juliana Airport where you will be assisted in a fast track lane with both Immigration and Baggage Claim.''

Indeed, one will certainly concur that hopping on a ''puddle jumper'' Cessna aircraft into Anguilla is the best stress-free way to arrive.

Anguilla Air Services offers daily schedule flights from Anguilla to St. Maarten to an fro. And also between Anguilla and St. Barths. And the AAS like to claim that they are ''setting the standard in quality air charter services'' into Anguilla.  There are also other aviation options into tiny Anguilla.  Caribbean Airlines, LIAT Rainbow International Airlines, Seaborne and Tradewind Aviation - all offer flights into Anguilla from various neighboring West Indian islands.

TradeWind Aviation (800-376-7922 or  is probably the top-flight, ''first class'' airway into Anguilla.  It prides itself on it's first class experience from San Juan into Anguilla with no less than two pilots at the controls, a fully pressurized cabin, air conditioning, drinks and snacks on flight and resident and coupon discounts available.  All the ''first class'' scheduled flights of TradeWind Aviation to Anguilla and its Clayton  J. Lloyd international airport,  fly out of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  And my darling's as far as GW is concerned -- that is the only way to touch down in style!!!! 


Villa Alegria

Villa Alegria


The superlatives that have followed Anguilla through the years never seem to end.

The Kishti Villa Collection

The Kishti Villa Collection

Some have dubbed it ''the Nantucket of the Caribbean'' while  others know it simply as ''a beach lovers dream'' . But most all who have ventured to this tranquil and idyllic British Caribbean destination have come to realize that not only does Anguilla have a fabulous range of five-star hotels it is home to an astonishing array of choice private homes and villas at your beck and call. The Ani Villa Collection and the Kishti Villa Collection are but two of the top rated villa properties in Anguilla.  The Kishti Villa Collection, in particular, is made up of three stunning villas for those seeking luxurious seclusion as its Black Garden property offers or if you want to live on the beach and be within walking distance to the fabulous restaurants then the Kishti Villas along Meads Bay is your best bet.

Ani Villas

Ani Villas

The most sought after villas in Anguilla are in fact those dotting the mile-long powder white sand beach of Meads Bay.  Janine Edwards a partner in one of Anguilla's integral and key developers in Aries Capital considers Meads Bay the gem of their crown. ''The demand for the Meads Bay vacation experience is extremely high,'' she is on the record for declaring.

Meads Bay

Meads Bay

Aries Capital, in fact, is at full throttle developing a stellar new residential community on Meads Bay.  Tranquility Beach Anguilla, a six-acre community-style villa development is rising as we speak.  The 18 one-bedroom units are spread over three-story buildings and are noted for their clean yet modern and sophisticated designs.  And these villa properties will be up and ready for the coming Winter 2017 season.  These exquisite and ownership opportunities are waiting for your perusal. or call 1-264-235-7667.  

Rendering of Tranquility Beach Anguilla

Rendering of Tranquility Beach Anguilla

Another much talked about and awe-inspired Anguilla five-star villa property has to be the amazing Villa Alegria located on the south coast of Anguilla in a neighborhood known simply as Cul de Sac.  Neil and Wendy Freeman, two very prominent Anguiila-philes have created this exceptional villa properties on the Cul de Sac.  Villa Alegria and their other five-star property Beaches Edge a stunning five bedroom jaw dropping villa in the Lockrum neighborhood offer uber-luxurious and spacious indoor and outdoor living.  Suffice it to say Villa Alegria in my humble estimation is the perfect honeymoon home away from home. Contact 312-640-7420 or

Further choice offerings and listings are available through the well-known which prides itself as having Anguilla's most spectacular rental estates on their roster. Contact Elaine Hearn -264-235-2816 or Bruce Hearn -264-235-8840 and for luxe villas along Meads Bay then check out - or call 264-497-0271 and of course the Villa Kishti Collection where the principals declare ''where the sea begins and luxury never ends". Do check out  or call 264-235-7289 or in the USA - 415-259-4889.



Did I ever tell you that when Justin Bieber and his closest family members spent a long quiet and very luxurious New Years Eve 2015 holiday week in Anguilla, his grandparents took over and spent their unforgettable Anguilla stay in Room #507 and Room #508 of the posh CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.

Foodie comfort food.

Foodie comfort food.

Did I ever tell you that no breakfast stay in Anguilla is complete without local hot, buttered Johnny Cakes and Jackfish with your poached eggs done just right each and every morning.

Did I ever tell you that the road side Hanks Beach Restaurant & Bar at Shoal Bay in Anguilla (1-264-497-3137 is the coolest place to get the Sunday morning mimosas going as early as7am in the morning.  And Hanks serves lunch and dinner -island style gourmet all the way.

Mac and Hank

Mac and Hank

Did I ever tell you no visit to Anguilla is complete without a road-side lunch stop visit for some Anguilla ''loco moco''. The delicious culinary street food that the locals love here and which is basically a spicy hamburger patty served over rice and topped with eggs and gravy.

Did I ever tell you that when you hear local Anguillans talk about the sad and dire days of ''the GR of 2008'' that they are actually talking about the world-wide recession of 2008 which had an devastating impact on the island of Anguilla which is still slowly recovering to this day.

''The GR of 2008'' still weights very heavily on the minds of local Anguillans who today are cautiously optimistic that the best is yet to come and is coming for Anguilla.

Did I ever tell you that one of the novel and eye-opening ways to arrive in Anguilla is via a ferry station minutes away from your arrival in St. Maarten at the Princess Juliana Airport.

Anguilla Ferry Shuttle & Charter Services have regular all day service from St. Maarten to Anguilla via the half hour ferry ride from dock to dock. and visit are numbers to add to your Anguilla travel diary. (1-264-584-6205)

Did I ever tell you that  GW always wanted to have the means to tell that poor gorgeous and now devastated and shattered Colombian beauty queen who was Miss Universe 2015 for all of four minutes before the Miss Universe emcee realized he had anointed the wrong girl Miss Universe 2016. And she then had to hand over her crown to Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo WurtzbachI still feel for poor Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez who was so humiliated live on national television that we in Anguilla feel for her and a wonderful weekend of pampering at the Zemi Beach Resort & Spa is unquestionably the perfect antidote.  I hear she is still wallowing in depression, yes even six months after that life saving incident.  So we say to you Miss Columbia we in Anguilla feel your pain.  So come visit us this season in Anguilla.

Zemi Beach Resort & Spa

Zemi Beach Resort & Spa

Did I ever tell you that there are six very committed and hard working Elected Representatives who man the increasingly prosperous future of Anguilla.  The elected Chief Minister of Anguilla is the Hon V. Banks or ''Chief Minister Banks'' as all on the island of Anguilla revere him. The Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. C. Richardson Hodge; Minister of Social Development, Hon. E. Roger; the Junior Minister, Hon. E. Bradley; the Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. C. Richardson and the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Cardigan Connor are the integral players who welcome you each and every day to Anguilla.

Hon. Chief Minister, Victor Banks

Hon. Chief Minister, Victor Banks




The month of August is one of the most incredibly fun and boisterous time to visit the island of Anguilla.  August is Carnival Month in Anguilla and offers the perfect opportunity to embrace and imbibe all the fun cultural offerings that the British West Indian island has to offer as it celebrates in the most colorful and exuberant fashion its island history.

''Carnival is a time for celebration for our island as we party and have a great time.  It really sends a message of our freedom as a people.  Carnival is a part of our culture that we embrace passionately.''  And the wonderful folk of Anguilla love nothing more than when their friends and visitors embrace just as passionately the joie d'vivre that is Carnival in Anguilla.

''Come and visit us at Carnival, we know you will love it.'' That  exuberant and enthusiastic offering comes from the esteemed Gild Gumbs Samuel who is the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association leader here.

Carnival time in Anguilla is a time to hark back to history and celebrate the island's Emancipation from slavery  It is a time to pause and reflect but also a time to let your hair down Anguilla style.  And that means drinking lots of rum from dusk until dawn and cover yourself with paint and powder and the skimpiest most revealing ''costume'' you can find and take to total dancing from dawn until late night through the streets of Anguilla.  Of course all this revelry ought to end up completely naked for a midnight romp in the warm welcoming waters of the Caribbean Sea snd any of the 33 splendid beaches that the island of Anguila have to offer.  The Landsome Bowl Cultural Center aka Carnival Village is the nexus to all the wild and crazy days and nights of Anguilla Carnival in August. The Carnival fever crescendoes in the early hours o August Monday which is always the first Monday in August when thousands of revelers dance behind their favorite floats and bands who play very loud Road March music and make merry through the narrow winding hilly streets of Anguilla from the neighborhood known as The Valley to the neighborhood known as Sandy Ground.

The August Monday Beach Party takes places on Sandy Ground  beach after J'Ouvert where many folk will continue the party until the very next Tuesday!

You cannot experience Carnival without truly jumping in the madness.  And the best way to go about that is to get in a costume and sign up to become a party happy member of a Anguilla Carnival troupe. And many astute locals such as Shayne Thompson will tell you that one of the very best Anguilla Carnival troupes is ''Classic Old Timers'' and which is touted as the best of all possible options.  Now is the time to totally indulge in all things

Anguilla and ALL the time that now is the height of Carnival Season 2016.

And that means indulging or watching in the national sport of boat racing by day and Carnival prancing and drinking by night.  Not to mention the beauty pageants and Calypso competitions and the Band Clashes, street dancing and general over the top revelry that makes Carnival in Anguilla unlike none other in the entire world.


Executive Chef - CuisinArt, Jasper Schneider

Any ardent astute foodie out there will have grown to know that this particular West Indian island takes its role as one of the leading Caribbean cuisine capitals very, very seriously.

And the CusinArt culinary team led by its very popular Executive Chef Jasper Schneider knows that a visit to this particular resort is the beginning of a special ''epicurean journey'' which seems to be the mantra of this long noted Anguilla property. ''We draw inspiration from flavor profiles of the world and so we here at CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa offer a true gastronomic experience.''  

CuisinArt Golf Resort

CuisinArt Golf Resort

That, indeed, is the mantra hammered home by the fine team under the guidance of its highly regarded Executive Chef each and every day at CuisinArt and its varied dining posts scattered about the vast hotel property on Rendevous Bay. 

And so it was that the jolly hard working Executive Chef of the CusinArt Hotel and Resort sat to have a wonderful and revealing tete-a-tete with GW one balmy Caribbean night not too long ago in Anguilla. 

GW - Alright Chef, tell us a bit about your heritage and how long you have been in your role here at CuisinArt Anguilla.

CHEF JASPER - Well, I was born in London and I grew up in New York and my parents know live in Hawaii  and I now live in Anguilla where I have been the Executive Chef of CuisinArt for the last three years.   This is my third Caribbean island and I just love the vibe here in Anguilla. I started my Caribbean sojourn at a property on the Turks & Caicos and then I was at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas and now I am here in Anguilla and this is my favorite landing of all three. What I love about this particular resort is the fact that we have our own organic farm here on property  and that our kitchen is able to grow our own peppers and lettuce and tomatoes and eggplants and all our herbs and spices.  And the quality is just insane and that is just the greatest base to begin with for any chef. And of course with a fairly vast and diverse resort property such as this and all the dining styles that we offer from French to Japanese to Mediterranean - we have to always start with the best and top eclectic organic and hydroponic harvested ingredients.

GW - So when you have the word ''Executive'' in your title what exactly does that mean?

Chef Jasper and team

Chef Jasper and team

CHEF JASPER - My role is to oversee the entire property and all its restaurants. I over-see all the menus and cuisines of all the other chefs that I have hired and brought on board to be part of my team here at CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla. I have four amazing head chefs as part of my team here in Anguilla and then of course the varied cooks and other staff that keep the ship running.  I will tell you that our Japanese outpost here called Tokyo Bay offers the best sushi in any major capital anywhere in the world.

GW - George Wayne would definitely attest to that.  I think the sushi experience here at CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa is up there with Nobu and Sushi Samba.  I can see why Justin Bieber and his family spent all their nights slurping down sushi and sake at Tokyo Bay when Mr. Bieber and his entourage took over this hotel the 2015  New Years Eve holiday.

Anyway Chef Jasper what is the one farm to table vegetable from your farm that seems to find itself integral to most all your dishes here at the CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla?

CHEF JASPER - If there is one ingredient I would have to say that is our locally sourced hot peppers.  You ought to try our pickled banana peppers before you leave us here at CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa.  It's as stated pickled bananas with our  hybrid Havinero and Scotch bonnet As I said we have an organic farm and a hydroponic farm both on property.

The peppers we raised in the organic garden last season brought a yield of more than one hundred pounds.

CuisinArt hydroponic farm

CuisinArt hydroponic farm

GW - Next season the CuisinArt Golf Resort And Spa will have its own farmers market for all the locals and especially visitors extending staying at their fabulous villas to come source ingredients for their own home meals.

CHEF JASPER - And we are also growing the most amazing local pumpkin at that hydroponic farm too. We even rear our own kale and beets at that organic farm here at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa. And watermelon and butternut squash and basel and a variety of eggplants and not to forget too our lemongrass. 

GW - Now Chef Jasper the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is adding a fabulous expansion to this wonderful property which is to come on stream this new season this December 2016.  Tell us your culinary plans for the new addition of villas and private homes here at the

Fresh and beautiful

Fresh and beautiful

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa to be called The Reef At the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa?

CHEF JASPER -- Well that is all very exciting the new addition here called The Reef. 

We are going to have two brand new restaurants and therefore two brand new additions to the diverse offering here at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.  One will be the best seafood restaurant here on the island of Anguilla.  That is our sole objective. And I am going to mine my experience and time working at one of the best seafood restaurants in the world in Le Bernadin in New York City where I spent some time working with the great Eric Ripert.  So one of the new culinary offerings here at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa will be our brand new state of the art culinary take on seafood.  And then down at the beach there at The Reef we are going to keep it simple. A lot of grilling going to be going over there at the new informal restaurant we plan for the beach by The Reef.  A lot of grilled fish, grilled meats and vegetables. We are setting up a state of the art farm stove over there and we are going to keep it simple and keep it incredibly tasty.  

Classic poolside fare

Classic poolside fare

GW - Chef Jasper - GW will be very confident in declaring now that you and your fine team at the CuisinArt Golf Resort And Spa and the new fabulous property addition here called The Reef will be making sure that all foodies from all over the globe willing to experience the best that Anguilla has to offer will make sure that multiple visits for the food and vibe and romance of CuisinArt Golf & Resort Spa will have no equal on the island of Anguilla.

And so we thank you Chef Jasper Schneider. And while GW is at it.  I will now reiterate some of the varied and divine culinary offerings offered right now on the Epicurean Journey at CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa

-Cafe Mediterraneo - Serves breakfast daily and lunch too.  There is nothing like lolling by the fabulous pool of the CusinArt Golf & Resort soaking up the flawless Caribbean sun slurping at a pina colada or three and then retiring for lunch at the open air Cafe Mediterraneo which by the way is where you can get to know some of the most genuine and incredibly friendly and truly special local folk who are part of the fine team of Stephane Zakaria's (the General Manager) an the legendary CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.  Trust Gw over a long, lazy and delicious lunch at Cafe Mediterraneo and getting to know fine veteran staff members of the CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa such as Restaurant Managers Kim Blaize-Reid and Garmon Greenaway and the delightful Colin Yearwood their  fine Pastry Chef .  You will have met and become life long friends with some of the finest folk on this planet earth.

-Le Bistro at Santorini - is British West Indian Anguilla's only AAA Four Diamond restaurant on this entire island.  As you can imagine this is Le Bistro has a special place in the heart of Chef Jasper and a fine night dressed to the nines and dining with Chef Jasper Schneider at his Chefs Table here at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is a must.

-Tokyo Bay is Anguilla's first authentic Japanese restaurant,  It regales in the fact that Tokyo Bay has the very best sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, omakase anywhere in the entire West Indies.  It is a fact that astute foodies have cruised their mega-yachts from near points such as St. Maarten and St. Barths to moor off Rendevous Bay just to have a fabulous sushi dinner at the one and only Tokyo Bay at  the incredible CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.  And the setting for the Tokyo Bay is just stunning.  I have been there and trust GW when he says he will be back!!  And make sure to ask to meet the charismatic and amazing Chef Joe Richardson

Tokyo Bay Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar at CuisinArt Resort

Tokyo Bay Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar at CuisinArt Resort

-The Clubhouse at CuisinArt Golf Club - features stunning views of the five-star golf course and the gorgeous azure Caribbean Sea and at nights the lights twinkling over there in neighboring St Maarten make the most perfect romantic setting for s family meal here.The Chef here is a true Italian superstar by the name Biagio Longo.  Suffice it to say a feast of the senses awaits you.

-The Beach Bar off the fine beach powder white sand beach of the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa will have a new ''sister'' when The Beach Bar Too opens a few acres away by the new property being called The Reef.  Both I am sure will have the best informal dining experience to offer on the island.  And this includes the already famous World Famous Delicacy Barbecue which is every Saturday night at the legendary CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.  Enjoy the best grilled lobster ever! And dance it off to the local island music live and direct from the just flawless beaches of Rendevous Bay.

-And Coming Soon The Seafood Restaurant at The Reef at CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.

*****For Additional Information, Schedules & Reservation just contact the Cuisine Concierge of the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa on arrival. And make your reservations and gather further information at 1-800-943-3210 or 264-497-4900 or visit***********


Alas, here we are.  The number one reason to visit Anguilla. 

Well my loves, suffice it to say that Anguilla is having a total and thorough renaissance in every sense of the word.  The simple fact is that it has suddenly become the home away from home for the young, rich, and restless supernovas of Generation Z.  This is how pop culture arbiters such as myself tend to refer to the bold face types led by Justin Bieber, Kndall Jenner, Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid et alia.  Last season at the height of the Christmas and New Year, Anguilla was the base for these millionaire millennials who now seem set on leading the way for the new #AnguillaChic.  Mr. Bieber and his extended family took over half the villas at the CuisinArt and in fact celebrated the dawn of 2016 in fine style moored on a yacht along Rendezvous Bay. 

Justin Bieber at one of the many private villas of CuisinArt Resort.

Justin Bieber at one of the many private villas of CuisinArt Resort.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan were holed up in assorted high end private homes and made chic public shows of family unity by showing up for late night meals at where else but Blanchards which is a must for five-star dining by the stars.  There is no doubt in my mind that these highly influential millennials of Generation Z intend to make Anguilla their future calling card too, because once you know.  I know they will be back.  So if hanging with the coolest, hippest influencers on the planet is your cup of tea, then by all means, start arranging your stay for this Christmas and New Years Eve in Anguilla.  GW will suggest to stay at Anguilla Great House Beach Resort, because it's cool, chic and reasonably priced.  It also happens to be in the heart of all the action during the height of the season.  

The Anguilla Great House is located right in the middle of Rendezvous Bay and consists of 31 gingerbread laced cottages right off the beach.  You wake up, roll out of bed, and who knows come this season you might just stumble on Justin Bieber getting his hair braided in corn rows as he did right there on the Rendezvous Bay Beach last season.  Anguilla Great House Beach Resort is a must.

Generation Z is now onto the fact that Anguilla is the best Caribbean island of cool chic as we speak.  It's time you joined the hip parade to Anguilla.

Rounding Out The List

Number 3

Simply put -- you and your entourage want to be the FIRST in these Caribbean summer months leading up to new season of 2017.  To be ahead of the curve, to be ahead of your fellow bon chic, bon genre shape-shifters and influencers and to be the first to sample the LATEST and the CHICEST new hotel on Anguilla!

In a word, breathtaking.

In a word, breathtaking.

The name of that hotel and astute international travelers will be buzzing about is called the Zemi Beach Resort and Spa at Shoal Bay in Anguilla.  Suffice it to say, the new hotel property will IMMEDIATELY enter that hallowed and revered "club" of LEADING HOTELS OF THE WEST INDIES.  

Now booking:

Number 2

In keeping with the newest resort and spa to enter the wide array of top luxury resorts in Anguilla, my number 2 reason for visiting Anguilla is most definitely the spas.  Zemi Beach's spa is ranked in the BEST SPAS IN THE WORLD.  There is no doubt in the mind of this astute arbiter that the scintillating Zemi Thai House at the Zemi Beach Resort will be heading that list.

Once you will know!  

Relax and rejuvenate in the incredible world class spa area of Zemi Beach Resort and Spa.

Relax and rejuvenate in the incredible world class spa area of Zemi Beach Resort and Spa.

After taking up residence for a week at the Zemi Beach, and then honing the requisite routine of room service breakfast in bed, followed by the afternoon loll by the magnificent white sand beach there at Shoal Bay, and after polishing the summer glow in that fine Anguilla sun; the routine must then be followed by lunch at the20 Knots.  This breath-taking open air restaurant where Chef Nathan Rader and his amazing culinary team will wine and dine you.  Your's truly will suggest bottles and bottles of the finest Rose and the delicious brick oven classic Margherita pizza.  Not to mention...the 20 Knots signature Fruits de Mer - Lobster, shrimp and ricotta to prepare you for the next two hours of the finest pampering in the Zemi Thai House.  After partaking in some of the best food in the Caribbean at the Zemi Beach 20 Knots, you have the concierge arrange for the go-kart to whisk you up the hill to the Zemi Thai Spa and as its finest staff will tell you, "Your journey begins there."

The Top 10 Reasons Why Anguilla Is The Answer

Number 10

Well here we go.  Starting off our Top 10 Reasons Why is a simple question.  Why not?  Why wait any longer to imbibe this special, and particular bit of paradise?  Now is the time - most so - because come the end of August/early September, the island goes on a hiatus and takes a breather to rest and refresh and refurbish to update the repertoire as it were.  So time is of the essence.  Visit now!  Otherwise wait until mid October when the island is back in full effect.  

Have you ever seen anything more pristine?  Welcome to Sandy Island, one of a few gem cays belonging to wonderful Anguilla. 

Number 9

These kinds of places really make you believe in a higher power.  Now take that feeling you have from this picture and imagine yourself actually there.  

How about the 33, yes 33 magnificent beaches waiting for you to indulge?  When one stops to ponder -- it is absolutely incredible to grasp the simple fact that this tiny West Indies island, no larger than the size of Manhattan, is home to more than 30 amazing beaches.  Yes, there are great beaches all over the world and especially all over the Caribbean...but there is no island on this planet -- none whatsoever - that can boast as Anguilla can, the simple fact that there is a more stunning, gorgeous bounty of beaches here than anywhere else in the world.  And at this time of year, finding a beach in Anguilla that you could call your very own - when you can sun and surf in total privacy - this is the time to make it happen! 

Number 8

"Anguilla is not about crass commercial tourism and that is why I keep coming back to Anguilla.  I have visited this island more than fifty times since my first time in 1989!"

Those are the words spoken by one of the most amazing women GW has ever met.  With testimonials like this from discerning travelers such as my wonderful new friend, Gail Granowitz Patterson from the fine state of Connecticut -- what more do you need to understand that Anguilla is a special and particular bit of paradise on Earth?  GW was so taken with the love that Gail has for Anguilla that I had to delve further and find out more about why she has such a special place in her heart for this island.  The concluding precipice on which her love is built as she says,

"...sure, you could find beaches that may be able to compete, but where else will you find people so warm and naturally hospitable?  This place is real in both experience and people.  Trust me, it's a real oasis and getaway from the busy bee lifestyle and loud landscape of the northeast.  I love it."

GW believes, you will too.  

Number 7

If you are a keen foodie and especially a fan of sushi, then a weekend jaunt to take up residence in one of the amazing villas at CuisinArt is a must.  Why this particular resort?  Because its the home of the finest sushi bar and restaurant on any island in the West Indies.  The huge and ethereal Tokyo Bay restaurant at CuisinArt has the best hamachi that I have ever tasted in my life.  Even the famous Nobu in Tribeca does not rival this sushi mecca.  And that is jus the beginning.  The tuna & foie gras nigiri with that sherry vinegar reduction is alone worth a swift private jet visit if even just for the long weekend of sea, sex, sun and sushi at the CuisinArt and Tokyo Bay.  

@leslieyip0911 gives you just a glimpse at the phenomenal culinary masterpieces one will find when visiting Tokyo Bay at the CuisinArt Resort in Anguilla.  But when it comes to food, tasting is everything.  Pictures only do so much.

Number 6

@ceejader snaps a perfect frontal headshot of this cozy beach shack.  Keep in mind that the full service sit down restaurant version of Blanchards, regarded as one of the top restaurants on island is only a few yards away in case you're feeling fancy dressed to impress.  

While your July or August swing to Anguilla is now a MUST - by all means, make sure to include a picnic on chic Meads Bay at the one of a kind Blanchards Beach Shack.  For GW, Blanchards Beach Shack is one of the true gems on Anguilla.  The setting is so serene, so chic and boho tropical with the most amazingly simple, local fare paces away from the surf of the pristine Caribbean Sea.  A picnic brunch here will undoubtedly be one of the Summer 2016 memories you will take away and cherish for a lifetime.  

Settle back with a signature Mango Colada or the passionate Mango Daiquiri, or any of the delicious sixteen frozen drinks on the menu here.  Nibble on the delicious signature pulled jerk tacos or the yummy shrimp salad roll and you will certainly be on a roll!  Who needs the Hamptons when you can travel to the Caribbean and visit Anguilla where the true beach paradise beckons every hour, every day and every week of every year!

Number 5

Do you not want to see first hand, the gem of an island where the hottest and sexiest new reality television series was brought to life?  By now you must have heard of "Coupled" the buzzed about new show currently airing every Tuesday night at 9PM on FOX Network.  Well the local setting of Anguilla practically steals the show from the cast of beautiful and gorgeous folk looking for love on this Mark Burnett produced new hit show which is a take on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  As Coupled unfolds this summer on Fox - you will see for yourself why Anguilla is one of the world's most romantic destinations.  

The beautiful women of Coupled in front of the villas in Anguilla.  Picture...PERFECT.

The beautiful women of Coupled in front of the villas in Anguilla.  Picture...PERFECT.

Number 4

@traditionsailinganguilla captured the true essence of "taking the plunge" as these two newlyweds literally do so off the classic luxury of a Tradition Sailing sail boat.  

July and August are the two perfect months meant for romance and eloping.  If you are going to go ahead and take the plunge then do it with style and elan and make Anguilla the setting for your perfect quickie destination wedding.  Eloping and wanderlust must go hand in hand.  So to run off and tie the knot and live in happily married bliss ever after, then Anguilla will surely be the catalyst to set this union going on the right track.  If you plan to do so, there are many seasoned and highly professional wedding day vendors on the island to call upon - from finding the perfect setting to arranging for the perfect last minute wedding cake.  One o the best local wedding planers is Couture Concepts.  


Check out their site at:

Stay tuned for the last 3 reasons on the Top 10.  As if you needed any more convincing...